We proudly use innovative, award winning, single polymer plastic packaging for our totopos - the pack has a special sticker so when finished you can roll, stick and recycle the bag in your home recycle bin. A more sustainable option, better for the planet, better for us all. 

What is Roll ‘n’ Recycle and how does it work?

The Roll ‘N’ Recycle program was initially created by Anthony Peyton of PREP Design, with the ultimate goal of processing soft plastic packaging through existing kerbside recycling collection and infrastructure.

All you need to do is roll the flexible packaging into a 6 or 9 shape, secure with the sticker &  place it into your kerbside recycling bin for collection. Rolling the pouch creates the required three dimensional, physical characteristic needed to process soft plastic through our current recycling infrastructure, this stops these materials from entering and contaminating the paper stream in the recycling plant. 

Essentially, you’re changing a soft, two dimensional plastic into a semi-rigid format, to mimic how a crushed PET bottle moves through the sorting facility and into the plastics stream.

A specially engineered sticker is affixed to the packaging during the manufacturing process, that you then peel and press to keep the rolled pouch in the right shape. 

How it works

1. Buy products marked with ‘Roll ‘n’ Recycle®

2.  ROLL IT!

3. Stick it real good!

4. Place the rolled packaging into your Recycling Bin at home

For more info check out https://rollnrecycle.com.au/ or https://ofpack.com.au/blog/o-f-packaging-wins-three-gold-medal-awards-pida-2021/

We are always looking for more sustainable options for all our packaging - we hope to supply our tortillas in home compostable bags in the not too distant future. So watch this space.


At Doña Cholita we are committed to reducing our footprint wherever we can. 

We buy 100% Green power through our Local Energy Provider ENOVA Energy, a social enterprise energy retailer. We Bank with Bank Australia, a customer owned carbon neutral Bank since 2011. Our Superannuation of Choice is Australian Ethical Super, a fund that believes in  investing for a better world by using money as a force for good. 

Corn tortilla chips



Our organic totopos — the original corn chip — are made fresh in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Corn tortillas



Our organic tortillas are made fresh in the Northern Rivers, NSW.