In Mexico food is the great unifier. It breathes life into the busy streets & brings warmth to the family home, where generations gather at mealtimes to share stories & laughter - at Doña Cholita our mission is to help Aussies bring a little bit of that Mexican magic into their homes. 

Doña Cholita was founded in 2015 with a dream to bring heart & soul to Mexican food in Australia.

The name Doña Cholita, is a tribute to Jeftes' beloved grandmother. In honour of her passion for wholesome food & home cooking. Born from a yearning for quality Mexican food & on a mission to make a tortilla that matched those eaten all over Mexico, Jefte & Joey Juarez imported a tortilla oven from Toluca, Mexico to a sleepy little village in Northern NSW & their journey began. 

In Mexico, food is so ingrained in the culture it is a way for people to connect & express their passion & love for life. From this passion, Mercado Juarez, our sister business was born.

“Mercado Juarez was all about bringing people together through our love of Mexican food, it was a testament to our Mexican heritage and gave us a way to share our passion for Mexican food with Australia.
After almost 2 years of trading, in June 2022 the building that housed Mercado Juarez burnt to the ground. While it was a very sad day - the legacy lives on in our totopos & tortillas.” - Jefte & Joey Juarez

At Mercado Juarez you could find Mexican food that made your mouth water & took you home to the streets of Mexico.


At Doña Cholita we believe that our vision and mission act as a north star, they embody the culture of our company and remind us where we are headed.


Our Mission is to be the authority on Mexican food in Australia – to do this we give insight into the history & culture of Mexico, We craft authentic Mexican corn tortillas & corn tortilla chips, this enables Aussies to truly experience real Mexican food.

"Life is an amazing gift, let’s make the most of it and have fun while we’re doing it."


Our Values are who we choose to be everyday – how we show up and what we believe are fundamentals to being the best we can be.

#1 – Live with integrity. Be proud of who we are, what we do, and our impact on the world.

This means being proud of what we achieve, how we do it and the people we are along the journey. We are conscious consumers, we strive to reduce the impact our actions have on the environment. This is a global world we live in, let’s look after it!

#2 – We love to bring people together through our love of Mexican food & share that experience with the world.

Good food has a strong essence, it embodies the heart and soul of a country, ‘through food we can find our home.’ – Christina Martinez. We love food, it’s in our blood and we thought it would be cool to be able to share that passion and hang out with other people who love good food, especially Mexican food.

#3 – Enjoy life. Be Playful.

We want our work environment to be fun, engaging & rewarding, we spend ⅓ of our life at work & we believe work can be a contributor to happiness. We don’t believe in waiting for the weekend to live. We stay playful and positive, we believe in being light hearted and enjoying life..


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