Pico de Gallo

Our table is not often missing pico de gallo when we serve up dinner. It is one of the key recipes that we have totally forgotten to share with you and think it is super important when making a Mexican feast.

Now it is really simple to make though people do get pretty excited about adding bits and pieces but we are keeping it traditional for you. Three main ingredients and that is it my friends. But if you do want to do something a little different we have seen people add jalapenos, salt and pepper, lime juice or even garlic. Totally your call.

As mentioned we like to keep it simple, and to be honest even just tomato and onion like in the picture above which we used in our photo shoot earlier this year works too. The combination of tomato and red onion give a taco a new dimension and you know we even stick it in soup, or alongside meat and beans. It’s versatile.

Why not add it to your next Mexican Feast.


2 ripe red tomatoes – finely diced

1 sml red onion – finely diced

handful of coriander – coarsely chopped

Splash of Olive Oil & Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients above in a bowl and serve.

Other recipes

Chicken Tinga
Chicken Tinga

Chicken Tinga or Tinga de Pollo is shredded or pulled chicken in a chipotle & tomato sauce, it’s usually done with chicken or beef, but just about any meat would work. The chipotle gives the dish a delicious smoky flavour and adds a nice chile kick.

Sopa de Tortilla (Tortilla Soup)
Sopa de Tortilla (Tortilla Soup)

Sopa de tortilla (Tortilla soup) also known as Sopa Azteca is so simple but has so much depth of flavour!

Enchiladas Placeras
Enchiladas Placeras

Enchiladas Placeras or Enchiladas Mineras are a speciality from Morelia in central Mexico.

Corn tortilla chips



Our organic totopos — the original corn chip — are made fresh in the Northern Rivers, NSW.

Corn tortillas



Our organic tortillas are made fresh in the Northern Rivers, NSW.



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